VerifierScan's Mission

During the 2016 election we saw the spread of false stories advocating both sides of the political spectrum. We continue to see a large number of false stories that harm organizations and individuals. Many internet users are unsure of how to identify what websites are untrustworthy. VerifierScan presents a non-political/unbiased method for identifying untrustworthy websites.

Untrustworthy websites often spread fake stories that play on the passions of the public. Typically, the goal of this misinformation is to generate traffic to their site. Website traffic increases ad revenue. If one takes a moment to run the site in question through VerifierScan before sharing, this can seriously cut traffic to untrustworthy sites.

When we are able to sift through all of the content on the internet and identify what is trustworthy and what is not, we can make better informed decisions. VerifierScan is here to help you make better informed decisions. For a brief explanation of how our tool works see "How It Works".